Recently, an eye-catching smartphone called KOOLNEE K1 has entered the market and interests many users. KOOLNEE K1 is manufactured by KOOLNEE, which is a new company entering into the smartphone business in China. K1 means the first model of KOOLNEE smartphones. By looking at its appearance and specs, it’s a decent mid-range smartphone at around $170. Now, let’s have a hand-on review to this handset.


The KOOLNEE K1 is built in a seamless lumia unibody with metal edgings with a rounded profile. It is available in blue, black or golden color variants and all of them has the nice Lumia effect reflecting light. The front panel of the K1 is occupied by a 4D curved 18:9 6.01″ full screen that is devoid of side frames. The front camera is placed at the upper side of the screen. Like many full-screen phones, the K1 doesn’t offer physical home / function buttons on the bottom of the screen.

On the right side edge of the device, there are power and volume buttons. The SIM card / microSD card slot is installed on the top side edge instead of the left side edge. KOOLNEE K1 has a bare left side edge. On the bottom edge, there is a USB port in the middle. Next to it are a 3.5mm headphone jack, main speaker grid and microphone.